RUNderful Week! – Important Notes

It’s time to celebrate the holidays together! We are *SO* excited to have an amazing week of holiday-themed events lined up!

First up is our Holiday Party! The party takes place Wednesday, December 11th at the Eastwood American Legion Post 1276 (102 Nichols Ave, Syracuse, NY 13026). The party starts at 6:00pm. Just a reminder that there will be NO group run Wednesday night. Please note: DO NOT PARK ALONG THE FENCE. This is reservered for the veterans so please be respectiful. Please enter through the Lounge entrance which is located on the side of Nichols Ave.

We ask that you please bring a dish to pass. There is a spreadsheet which you can see by clicking this link: LERC 2019 Holiday Dish to Pass List. If you are bringing something that is in a crockpot and has to be kept warm it would be great if you could bring an extension cord/power strip as well….if you have one hanging around. No biggie but it is very helpful.

The drinks are great (so I’m told) and the drinks are cheap! DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! I know many of you have DD’s set up and I’m so proud of you! Remember that there are Uber/Lyft options as well. If you can’t afford one come and see me and we will get you a ride home…there is no excuse!

Dress is code is to wear whatever the hell you want to wear. But please note that many of us like to use this rare occasion to be around each other and not be sweaty and stinky and get dressed up a little. So wear whatever you are comfortable in or feel free to go all out!

There will be a great holiday selfie station, great raffles, great music, great food…and the best part…great friends!

And then Thursday, December 12th is our CITY LIGHTS RUN!

The run starts at Freedom of Espresso in Franklin Square and will be taking off at 6:00pm. We will then run along the streets of Syracuse and stop at many of the major city light displays (Clinton Square tree, city hall, the most, etc.). It’s like a running photoshoot thats festive and fun!

SAFETY AND AWARENESS IS A MUST FOR THIS RUN! The streets are open and traffic is moving. We leave no one behind and there will be people helping by running up to the lights and intersections to help make sure everyone is safe but please note that YOU are responsibile for your own safety. Be sure to wear bright lights and MAKE THEM FESTIVE! Light yourself up like a goddamn christmas tree! Make yourself jingle like a bell!

This post is already too long so I will save the information for Saturday until later in the week. WE CAN’T WAIT TO CELEBRATE THE SEASON WILL YOU ALL!

Saturday morning group run – 12/7/19 @ 8:00am

Cold…check! Possible snow/wintery mix…check! Perfect running condition for Syracuse…if you’re absolutely freaking nuts then CHECK!We triple dog dare you to come join us crazies tomorrow morning down at Freedom of Espresso in the village of Liverpool (403 1st Street). We take off at 8:00am and from the cafe you can run along Onodaga Lake Park or do the village loop. We runners of all abilities and paces so you’re almost always going to find someone to tag along with if you wish. No fees…No requirements! Hope you can join us!

And please don’t forget to let everyone know what dish you are going to bring to pass at our Holiday part Wednesday night! You can access the form here:

There will be another post coming soon with more details about all of nexts weeks RUNderful events!

Wednesday night group run – 12/4/19 @ 5:30pm

Here we are…in the last month of the year…I don’t know how the holiday’s have snuck up on us so fast but here we are!! I’m pretty sure I saw 4th of July decorations out in the stores already (kidding…maybe).
Looking at the calendar I realized that there will only be TWO Wednesday night group runs this month…isn’t that insane?! Christmas and New Years Day both fall on Wednesdays this year and there will be no group run on Wednesday, December 11th because that is our Holiday Party. Which if you plan on coming and have not paid your $10 entry fee yet this Wednesday is pretty much your last chance.
We will be running out of Freedom of Espresso in Franklin Square. We take off running at 5:30pm and do a few miles along the creekwalk. We have runners of so many different paces so you’re almost always going to find someone to run with if you wish. No expections…no requirements!
Also, if you are coming to the Holiday Party we ask that you please bring a dish to pass. Here is a link to the spreadsheet of what people are bringing:


Please add yourself and what you plan to bring to help avoid us from eating 100 veggie trays because everyone brought one, lol. If you have difficulty adding yourself to the spreadsheet just let us know in the comments what you plan to bring and I will add you.

Saturday morning group run – 11/30/19 @ 8am

Time to burn off all that food!! Or maybe just make more room for all the leftovers 😀

Come get your last run of November in with us at Freedom of Espresso in the village of Liverpool (403 1st Street). We will be taking off 8:00am (there is a race at the parkway but not until noon so we should be good). You can run the parkway or through the village. We have runners of all abilities so you’re almost aways going to find someone to keep you company.

And don’t forget, if you plan on coming to the LERC holiday party to bring us your $10 tomorrow!! We’re asking for you to please rsvp by December 1st so we can plan accordingly. Thank you!!