Weekend group run opportunity 7/22/17

Hello runners happy Thursday!
For this weekends group run we will be running in Strathmore from Onondaga Park Syracuse (not to be confused with Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool).
We will meet at the Firehouse which is at the top of the hill.
Park Roads will be closed as part of Strathmore Saturdays in the summer.
You will need to park in the nearby streets and walk into the park.
If you set your GPS to 101 Arlington Ave you can park there and the park is straight ahead with the Firehouse 100 yards to your right.
Or 501 Summit Ave. and the Firehouse will be straight ahead.
We will meet at 8 am. It will be a 4 mile loop but you can do more or less depending on your comfort level.
This ties into the Syrathon bonus miles. So if you will be missing any Syrathon races these miles will help make up what you miss.
There will be refreshments to follow.
Thank you to the Strathmore neighborhood association for hosting us! It is always a great time!
Who’s in!?!

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