How deep is Green Lakes reeeaaally?? – 5/18/19

We just may get a nice break from all this rain!! But if you’re not sick of water & want to see more of it (insert my Price is Right voice here) come on down to the beautiful Green Lakes!!There a few races in the area Saturday morning but if you’re not partaking in any of those we will be enjoying the beauty of Green Lakes (7900 Green Lakes Rd, Fayetteville) Saturday morning at 8:00am. We will meet in front of the beach house. There are so many great options here for a nice run…trails and road…a beautiful 3 mile loop around the lakes…even just walking around is great exercise and so refreshing. COME JOIN US!!!!

However due to all this rain areas might be a little muddy/soggy, so I would encourage wearing maybe not your nicest running sneakers if you can help it…or earn your mud with pride!!


Row row row your boat – 5/15/19

Leave the running sneakers at home & grab your oars!! Tomorrow is the first night of Lake Effect Row Club!! Don’t worry, any merchandise that you’ve ordered will be provided with a fabric marker to cross out “run” and write in “row”…it will look great, don’t worry!! And there have already been talks with the county in cutting us a hole in the ice on the lake during the winter for us to row around in (??) so we keep the clubs integrity of braving the elements.

But this is only if the city doesn’t completely become flooded by water by tomorrow evening. If that doesn’t happen please meet us at Freedom of Espresso in Franklin Square. We take off at 5:30pm and go along the creekwalk for some very nice miles. We require nothing other than you just showing up!! No pace or expectations need to be met. Hope to see you there!!

Sims Saturday- 5/12/19

Sims Saturday…it’s the hottest thing around…all the cool kids are doing it…and no it’s not the video game.

Please come join us tomorrow morning at the Sims Store in Camillus (5750 Devoe Road). We take off at 8:00am. You can get some miles in along the beautiful Erie Canal path, or if you’re one of those weirdos who wants more hills even after last weekend Mountain Goat, well there is a nice 4 mill route along some rolling country roads.

Be a cool kid. Be at Sims Store tomorrow. Just show up.

Post goat greatness- 5/8/19

Congrats to all who ran & conquered the Mountain Goat this past Sunday!!If you’re browsing the race photos and are like “damn, was I really dying?!” then come join us today at Freedom of Espresso in Franklin Square & practice your race photo face (there won’t be photographers there but we can pretend). We take off at 5:30 and run along the creek-walk. No requirements or expectations…just show up!!