Here’s the Missing Links you’ve been looking for (sorry I couldn’t resist)…..


Below are some tools to enhance your runs and some articles meant to educate and inspire.

Got a site you’d recommend or a link to an article that other fellow runners may find useful? Post it in the comments below! And Run Lake Effect Run!

forrestgumprunning1   Their orthopedics department offers a lot of great information for athletes, including information regarding sports medicine.

 Radisson Trail Map– Looking to run in the Baldwinsville area? Check out this community and their trail system.

Loop Course around Green Lakes – 2.91 Miles.

Loop Course around Onondaga Lake – 13.37 miles. Unfortunately until the grand trail plan is done a lot of the West side is on busy roads.

Leg Amputee Makes U.S. Track Team – Inspiration by perspiration.

Shamrock Green Man – Funny Syracuse Post Standard story featuring photos shot by Lake Effect.

Shamrock Run article– On featuring Lake Effect runners training in the middle of the video.

Radisson Development Map – Shows the roads and extensive trails in Radisson in Baldwinsville. They even plow the trails in the Winter.

Fleet Feet Newsletter 1/18/10– Ed gives us and the other Run Clubs a nice shout-out.

Fleet Feet Newsletter 6/22/2009 – Ed interviews Ray about the Club and how it got started.

I’m a Sleeper Baker – Molly’s Blog about all things food, running and her interesting life as a home Mom.

When a Marathon Goes Bad – Time Magazine article about the early closing of the 2007 Chicago Marathon race. It even fortells the loss of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympic Games.

The Tough Guy Challenge 2009 – And you thought the local Trail Races were tough. Check out these pictures. Note may take a minute to load.

Half Marathon Club – They have a 50 State Challenge….are you kiddin’ me??!!

Embarrassing Running Problems – And what to do about them!

Iraq Boilermaker 7/11/09 – Amazing Race held in Iraq in conjunction with the Utica Boilermaker.

Map My Run – Map your run routes and save them. Find local run routes that others have created. Calculate your distance. Log your training. Helpful articles and more!

Running Log – A really detailed and Free online Running log.

Fleet Feet Personal Fit Process– Need a new pair of running shoes? Gotta go here! We are very lucky to have a store voted one of the top 50 running stores in the U.S. for 3 years in a row. With their Fit system they’ll run you on a treadmill and then pick you out some sneaks based on your gait and how much foot support you need. Worth the small amount more you’ll pay than the box stores to get the expert help. Most sneaks about $90. Staffed by avid runners. Super friendly. They’ll even let you try out the sneaks on the sidewalk outside, and bring them back in 30 days if you don’t like them.

How to buy a pair of running shoes

Pronation 101 – Wondering what they mean by pronation?? Read this article to decide if you under or overpronate. It well help you pick out a proper shoe.

Patty Hendry’s Fitness Site – She is a local fitness instructor, and has a lot to offer whether you join her for an informal run or become one her clients.

One of my favorite studies – From the Stanford University School of Medicine. Running not surprisingly delays cardiovascular death, but also delays death from other causes such as cancer. Also running did not lead to increased risk of arthritis in this study.

Improve your speed – The basics of speed.

Nutrition tips

Pre-Race Nutrition – Tips on how to make the best of your training and avoid a Pre-Race nutrition disaster.

Fitness Calculators – Great collection of Calculators. Want to know your ideal body weight or Body Mass Index or how long you have to run to burn 500 calories or your body Fat Percentage or how many grams of fat, protein and carbs you need per day?

How to Run your best in your 30’s – Take a guess at the average age of a marathoner.

The 5 Most Common Running Injuries – And what to do about them.

Marathon Guide – Everything Marathon. Your guide to training and the web’s largest marathon calendar.

Runner’s World – Your everything Run Site.

Running sick?? – Do you or should you run when you’re ill? Does running too much make you sick?

Amazing Running Tours – Why just vacation when you can “racecation”. Travel, run and sight see! Been thinking about running a marathon on The Great Wall of China? Yeah, they’ve got that!

The 10 Biggest Races in th U.S. – How many have you done?

Volcanic Sprint – What an inspiring race…..and we complain about some loose gravel!

Spi Belt – No, it’s not a fanny pack! It’s a “running belt”. I got mine at the Boilermaker Expo. Invaluable for holding your cell/cash/goo/bandaids.

Road Runner Sports – The world’s largest running store.

Women’s Running Store Title 9 – Great online gear store for women.

Jog Tunes – Have you ever noticed that it’s even more fun when the tempo of your music matches your running pace? But how do you find a set of tunes with beats-per-minute (BPMs) that match your unique running pace? JogTunes makes it easy for you to match your favorite music with your perfect workout.

Running Art – Posters, prints and original paintings for and inspired by runners by local Syracuse artist and runner, Coreen Steinbach. Commission a portrait of yourself or someone you love running that perfect race! Commissioned event art available too! Also visit This site sells quality t-shirts, hats, mugs, and more featuring the artwork of Coreen Steinbach. A perfect gift for any runner!

Sean Kirst Running Column – Post Standard columnist and local runner Sean Kirst posts his articles here on the sport of running. Check them out!!

Barefoot Runner – Interesting, and somewhat crazy article about a longtime barefoot runner.


4 thoughts on “Links

  1. Anyone interested in running the Utica Falling Leaves Run on Sept 27? It’s supposed to be a beautiful course.
    Let me know.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Coreen. It means a lot coming from such an accomplished runner like yourself. Great site you have as well. I’ll post it above in the Links. I actually have an autographed poster from your Mountain Goat painting you did last year. Nice print! It was my first Goat so it meant a lot to me.

  3. Posters, prints and original paintings for and inspired by runners by local Syracuse artist and runner, Coreen Steinbach. Commission a portrait of yourself or someone you love running that perfect race! Commissioned event art available too! All @! LOVE this site by the way.

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