Pre Goat Greatness- 5/4/19

Hills are fine. Running is fine. This is all fine. Fine, fine, fine.

Mountain Goat training is over with & ready or not race day is almost here!! Since most of us will be participating in Sunday’s race we will be meeting at our home base, Freedom of Espresso, in Liverpool (403 1st Street) at 8:00am. Get a few miles in on the flat parkway or be stupid silly and do some hills throughout the village.

No requirements needed or expected…just show up!!


Wednesday night group run- 5/1/19

The weather looks crappy & there will be no cookies…that part doesn’t sound very promising.What is promising though is that you can kick off the first day of May with some super awesome people down at Freedom of Espresso in Franklin Square at 5:30pm and get some miles in along the creekwalk. We require nothing other than you showing up!! Hope to see you there!!

Knock knock, guess who’s there? 4/27/19

Just when we thought we could put the winter running gear away…HA, winter is back(ish)!!!!Tomorrow is the last of the Mountain Goat training runs. Everyone meets at the steps in front of The MOST at 8am. Then after your run feel free to come meet up with everyone at Kitty Hoynes.

Please make sure to dress appropriately for the weather and don’t forget…

As long as the weather is bearable tomorrow we will do our Earth Day cleanup!! We will have gloves & garbage bags. Please make sure to dress accordingly for this as well (long sleeves, long pants, boots). We will all gather at Kitty Hoynes for some quick instructions (not that you guys don’t know how to pick up trash, lol) & then head over to cleanup for a little bit. Shouldn’t take more than an hour.

Midweek workout! 4/24/19

Maybe you’ve eaten too much this week. Maybe you haven’t drank enough of that delicious H2O. Or maybe you’re training for a 5K to help erase rabies (my Office fans will get this post)…

No matter what your reason is we hope you come out to meet us for some miles at Freedom of Espresso in Franklin Square tomorrow. We take off at 5:30pm. No requirements, no expectations…see you there!!