Weekend group run opportunity- 2/9/19

Looks like it’s going to be 75 with a small chance of showers…oh wait…sorry…that’s here in Florida 😜.Well unless you can come down here and meet us, please go meet everyone at Freedom of Espresso in the village of Liverpool (403 1st Street). We take off at 8am. We welcome everyone…no matter your pace or distance ability!!


Wednesday night group run opportunity- 2/6/18

Apparently decent weather for a Wednesday night run really *is* too much to ask for!!

There’s a 100% chance for rain…a 100% chance that I’ll be on an airplane and not give a crap…and also a 100% chance for a run…

Please come join us tomorrow night at Freedom of Espresso in Franklin Square at 5:30 to get some miles in. We encourage anyone who wants some exercise to come out…no pace or distance ability required!!

Weekend group run opportunity- 2/2/19

You guys…it WON’T be -20 degrees out tomorrow morning!! So the windchill temp of 3 degrees is going to feel like a freaking heatwave around here!!Please come join us tomorrow morning at Freedom of Espresso in Liverpool (403 1st Street) to get some movement in!! We take off at 8am. We welcome everyone, no matter your pace or endurance!!

Hope to see you there!!

No official Wednesday night group run – 1/30/19

There will be no official group run tonight.

We take a lot of pride in the fact that we don’t “officially” call off runs much at all because of bad weather…and some of our most memorable “unofficial” runs have been our favorites (remember that “fun” -27 & snow Tipp Hill Run?! I still cry again thinking about it)…

But when safety becomes an issue, we have to use our best judgment and make this call. Almost everything is closing early due to the temperatures dropping drastically right before 5pm. The windchill around run time is being called at -19 degrees, so it’s probably best to try & find someplace indoors to run if you can.Obviously you are welcome to go run if you wish…just please be careful and be sure to cover all skin. With these temperatures you can easily get frostbite within 30 minutes.

Be safe. Stay warm. See you Saturday!!