Say "Tree Nuts"!

Say "Tree Nuts"!




Click on the Following Link and you’ll be taken to our Shutterfly site to view Photos of the Central New York Run and Race Scene.






4 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Sure Gary, I’m glad you enjoyed the run. Wish we had more of a chance to talk, we had a fairly large group! It’s easy to run harder/farther when you’re in a group. I find I have to sometimes tell myself to slow down as I get lost in coversation sometimes and I don’t want to run too hard! Look for us at the Shamrock, just look for the wigs!!

  2. Hi Ray,

    Thanks for organizing the training runs for the Shamrock Run. Although I was only able to make the final one yesterday, 03/01, I enjoyed the run, the weather was decent,and it was an enjoyable group of folks to run with. You are correct when you say it’s more fun to run with a group than by your self. Even though we went further than my usual week day runs and the hills were a challenge, it certainly beats those dreary,after-dark,solo midwinter runs!
    Hope to see all at next Saturdays’ Shamrock Run.
    Thank you!


  3. Thanks “G.” I had a lot of fun at this race and the after party. No wonder this one is so popular. However, I still have heartburn!

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